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CAHS Summer Enrichment Program underway in five parishes

June 20, 2023

Children who are enrolled in CAHS’ School Based Behavioral Health Program during the school year are being treated to an exciting Summer Enrichment Program that is underway at nine sites in five parishes.

The camps began in early June and continue through July. Students are participating in various activities focused on positive self-esteem and affirmations. Program counselors are CAHS school based therapists who guide exercises that emphasize kindness and how words/actions can affect self-esteem.

One of the activities involves learning how to give and receive compliments and identifying ways to encourage and support others. Program participants are also reading the book It’s Ok to Be a Unicorn about the things that make individuals unique and how every person’s differences are valuable.

The children decorate hats, other clothing, and other items they enjoy wearing and using. The use of tie-dyed t-shirts helps the participants see the unique beauty in each one. The program also includes engaging team building games that utilize parachutes and hula hoops that make the learning fun.

The program’s parishes and sites are

  • Ascension Parish: Central Primary School
  • East Baton Rouge Parish: Broadmoor Elementary, Capitol Elementary, Highland Elementary, La Belle Aire Elementary, and Magnolia Woods Elementary
  • East Feliciana Parish: Jackson Elementary
  • Iberville Parish: Dorseyville Elementary
  • West Baton Rouge Parish: Cohn Elementary