The February 5, 2024, CAHSD Board Meeting is canceled.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Please look in the Board/Public Notices section of our website for upcoming Board Meeting dates/times. 

Other Support Services

Preventive, Primary & Behavioral Healthcare Coordination

Coordination of parish-level integrated prevention, primary and behavioral health care services provided through clinics and public health units by community-based providers for CAHS clients.

Wellness Services

Health education, tobacco cessation groups, nutrition classes, and physical fitness activities for CAHS clients.

Post-Incarceration Service Coordination/Justice-Involved

Coordination of screening and discharge planning to assure timely access to services upon release/reentry into the community. Specialized treatment program for justice-involved individuals.

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

Coordination and response services for people with behavioral health needs, developmental disabilities and the broader community to expedite attaining a safe environment and assist in recovery from emergencies/disasters.

Behavioral Health Emergency Crisis Services

A coordinated community-based system to avoid repeated cycles of crises and to support stability.

Peer Support Services

Peer Support Specialists use their own life experiences as persons with behavioral health conditions to share their recovery stories, lead support groups, and promote whole health and wellness activities.