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The August 7, 2023, CAHSD Board Meeting is cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience. Please look in the Board/Public Notices section of our website for upcoming Board Meeting dates/times. 

Prescribers & Clinicians

Medical Director

  • Aniedi Udofa, MD, DABPN, DFAPA


  • Myrna Bobet, MD
  • Sheena Brown, APRN
  • Kwame Buabeng, MD
  • April Davis, APRN
  • Drew Dykes, APRN
  • Margaret Hughes, APRN
  • Tiffany Jordan, APRN
  • Brian Monette, MD
  • Anjani Narra, MD
  • Marilyn Roby, MD
  • Megan Tuminello, APRN

Clinic/Facility Managers

  • Melissa Martin, LCSW-BACS
    Children’s Behavioral Health Program Director
  • Kristina McCaleb, LCSW
    BRBH Admissions Program Director
  • Joseph P. Pete, PhD, NCC AP
    CARP Facility Manager
  • Ryan Rife, LCSW
    NBRBH Facility Manager
  • Bethany Sclafani, LCSW-BACS
    School Based Behavioral Health Program Director
  • Karen Sheridan, PhD, LBA
    ASCEND Program ABA Director
  • Christopher Sunseri, LCSW-BACS
    BRBH Social Worker Supervisor
  • Scott Thomas, LCSW
    ARS Social Worker Supervisor
  • Paul Tuminello, LCSW-BACS
    ABH Facility & Outreach Services Manager


  • Larie Acosta, LCSW-BACS*
  • Chinyere Agu, LCSW-BACS*
  • Tiffany Alexis, LAC
  • Lindsay Allen, LPC-S*
  • Carla Aplin, LCSW*
  • Ashley Bailey, LCSW
  • LaShanda Batiste-Collins, LPC
  • Tammi Bellezaire, LCSW-BACS
  • Holly Besse, LPC-S*
  • Lee Blouin, LPC
  • Marcia Booker, LCSW-BACS*
  • Richard Brown, LMSW
  • Thomas Cannon, LCSW*
  • Roberta Carruth, LCSW-BACS
  • Merian Carter, LPC-S
  • Monique Carter, LCSW-BACS
  • Shendrekia Cayette, LMSW
  • Amy Christian, LPC
  • Taylar Claiborne, LCSW
  • Rosalyn Davis, CAC, CCGC
  • Charles Dennis, LPC
  • Shundale Dennis, LCSW-BACS*
  • Ricky Falcon, LCSW*
  • Joyce Fisher, LMSW
  • Shondette Garner, PLPC
  • Sarah Giroir, LCSW-BACS
  • Bryan Gros, PhD*
  • Mary Hanken, LCSW
  • Latanya Hawkins, PLPC
  • Caroline Haydel, LMSW
  • Lorie Jack, LMSW
  • Kyllie Jenkins, CAC, CCGC
  • Nina Julien, LMSW
  • Teresa Maxwell, LMSW
  • Michele McCaskill, LCSW-BACS*
  • Gracyn Migues, LMSW
  • Anthony Monteleone, LCSW-BACS
  • Brittany Montgomery, CSW
  • Destiny Nash, LMSW
  • Mark Nienaber, LCSW-BACS*
  • Kristi Normand, LCSW-BACS*
  • David Phillips, PLPC
  • Mallory Pryor, LCSW
  • Gregory Quartano, LCSW
  • Lori Richard, LCSW
  • Dina Rife, LCSW-BACS*
  • Adrianne Rivera, LCSW*
  • Amelia Ryland, LMSW
  • Kristen Smith, LMSW
  • Beronica Sullivan, LCSW
  • Courtney Ward, LCSW
  • Susie Weeks, PLPC
  • Rona Williams, LCSW*
  • Shelby Wilson, LMSW
  • Layneethia Woodridge, LCSW-BACS